Have you Heard of Quality on Tap?

Quality On Tap – Our Commitment, Our Profession” is a nationwide, grassroots public relations campaign designed by National Rural Water Association for the drinking water industry. QOT promotes public drinking utilities focusing on the safety of public drinking water and the expertise of the technical professional who ensure water quality.

Americans often take for granted that they have the highest quality, most affordable, water piped directly to their homes and businesses. Quality On Tap! was created in 1996 as the first practical, hands-on guide promote better public relations for water utilities. It contains the tools small water systems need to educate the public about the work we do and the quality water we produce.

Hooksett Village Water Precinct has joined the thousands of water systems across the country who use the Quality on Tap logo. According to Superintendent Mike Heidorn, “We’re in the process of giving a “facelift” to our vehicles, office and pump stations. We are proud of the service we provide and want our appearance to reflect the level of effort we put into operating and improving the system, day in and day out. The logo accurately and succinctly captures that spirit. We’ve received several enthusiastic comments about the logo and the trucks in the last few days alone, so I think it’s effective.” Mike continued “We’ve been really trying to ‘up our game’ in terms of PR lately, despite the difficulty of fitting in PR efforts amongst all the other tasks on our To-Do List. We’ve been doing outreach meetings, an occasional newsletter, Town reports, etc. – but it’s never enough.”

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