HVWP Annual Report 2017

On behalf of the Hooksett Village Water Precinct, it is my pleasure to submit this Annual Report for 2017-18. The Precinct has been in operation for 77 years, providing safe clean drinking water and fire protection to many residences, businesses and institutions. Your faucets, hydrants and fire sprinklers are fed by several large gravel wells located in the vicinity of Pinnacle Pond. The water is disinfected and treated to reduce corrosion at the wells. From there, the water travels to two storage tanks holding over one million gallons, and through 30± miles of distribution main and thousands of valves, meters and hydrants. In addition, the system includes an emergency interconnection with Central Hooksett Water Precinct. Maintaining this system in working order and in compliance with applicable regulations is no small task. A detailed triennial Precinct inspection by the State of NH in late 2017 concluded that we are “dedicated to providing a high level of service” to our customers and “in compliance with all current primary water quality standards” including bacteria and lead criteria.

In 2017-18, we continued to be very busy with routine maintenance as well as further optimizing and improving our physical, financial and technical operations. Highlights included but were not limited to:

  • Ongoing transition to modern cell-based metering technology (>300 new meters installed to date; beta-test of new customer-friendly web portal underway) to improve meter reading efficiency/accuracy;
  • Comprehensive plan review and coordination on pending projects: University Heights Phases 1B/2B, Riverside Sewer Lift Station, RT3A Roundabout, Granite Woods/Ritchie Bros. Redevelopments;
  • Plan review and construction oversight on: Country Commons Phase 2, Connector Road Sidewalk/Drain Project, various single-family homes; and Lilac Bridge Water Main River Crossing (provides a critical alternative for supplying the eastern half of the system in the event of another failure on the auto bridge);
  • Backflow prevention improvements (database/bylaw updates, replacement of non-compliant devices, installation of missing devices; 346 tests were completed in 2017 w/no outstanding failures);
  • Major winter leak emergency response at the corner of Beauchesne Dr. and Albert Ave. with assistance from Central Hooksett Water, Pembroke Water Works, Hooksett Sewer and Hooksett DPW;
  • Completion of East Well Station modernization project (including major improvements in safety, efficiency and communication); cleaning, repairs and yield increases at South Station Wells;
  • Welcomed new bookkeeper Sarah Marvin and said good-bye to former bookkeeper Karen Casey; Karen helped usher us through a critical transition period and greatly improved our accounting practices;
  • Capital Improvement Program and water fee structure outreach including public presentations in May, July and October; bill stuffers and a newsletter; and meetings with a variety of Town boards;
  • Upgrades to water quality testing, flow testing, flushing and leak detection equipment; completion of first comprehensive in-house leak survey (results showed system is “tight” and w/in State standards);
  • Plans, studies, approvals, permits, surveys, leases/easements, bid/specification prep, award of contracts, contract adjustments and new grant application for the new 1MG water storage tank project.

Our team of professionally licensed operators, dedicated commissioners and very patient office manager work very hard to “keep the water flowing.” We are very grateful for our customers and we do our best to be responsive to user needs and emergencies. Please call or stop in anytime with water questions/concerns.


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