Meter Upgrades


In order to provide reliable, high quality water and service to our customers, Hooksett Village Water Precinct continually invests in its water system and facilities.  Our water meter replacement program is an important part of that investment.  Water meters are used to measure the amount of water delivered to customers.  Replacing old water meters helps ensure that the Precinct can more efficiently and fairly track individual usage for billing purposes; monitor and evaluate community water demands; proactively address water leaks; and offer customers the benefits of the latest advances in technology.

The following information is provided to help customers understand why the replacement program is needed and how it operates:

Water meters are usually located where the water service line enters the building, commonly in an above-ground basement or utility room. Sometimes the meters are located in underground meter vaults or pits, or outdoors in seasonal irrigation applications.

Credits: Portions of the above information were adapted from the web pages of the City of Tucson (AZ) Water Department and Badger Meter, Inc.